No. I don’t blog.

"Blog? No, I don't do that," was my response to the most recent person who asked me. However, for some reason, this blogging thing keeps making its way back to me. Totally resistant to the idea at first because... well what would I write about that hasn't already been said one way or another? While... Continue Reading →

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White Women Should Not Teach Yoga

This is what I heard listening to a podcast about cultural appropriation and here's what I have to say about that! (In my best Matt Bellasai voice.) First, let me tell you a little story about a yoga class I took about a year ago: The class was meant to be how to take your... Continue Reading →

Age & Gratitude

I remember when I was a kid and could touch my forehead with my toes in a back bend. You know, just hangin' out watching One Saturday Morning. I never thought then that one day I wouldn't be able to bend like that anymore. Oh the things we take for granted. As my 30th trip... Continue Reading →

Stretching The Psoas.

So. What is the psoas muscle? Well, let's back up. How do you even say psoas? It's pronounced, "so- az" and it is the only muscle in our bodies that connects the spine to the legs; our upper and lower halves. It is responsible for stabilizing us and gives us the ability to lift our... Continue Reading →

Root To Rise

If you're at all in the yoga scene, you've heard those words before, "root down to rise up." What the what? What does that even mean? On the mat, it means to secure your base (either your feet or sit bones) before you lengthen and lift through your spine. You don't raise walls of a... Continue Reading →

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